GENS ACE 6000mAh 7.4V 70C 2S1P Series with Black HardCase

Art.Nr.: B-70C-6000-2S1P-HardCase-47

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This is our new Lipo for stock racing. It has supreme power, especially at the end of the run as Julian proved with his success at the ETS in Luxembourg. This is the best power you can get for serious stock racing, It features high power 5mm sockets for minimized resistance and a new, black hard case with revised stylish Stickers.

Of course this Lipo also meets the requirements of any modified racing. You will have power as evenly as never before.

If 6000mAh is enough for your racing, and you Need power, this is your best choice.

Gens ace lipo 6000mah 2s1p 70c hardcase battery pack for 1/8 & 1/10 RC car model.