Muchmore FLETA PRO Brushless ESC - Black


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Thank you for purchase of Much-More Racing FLETA PRO / STOCK SPEC / EURO electronic speed controller.
New FLETA PRO / STOCK SPEC / EURO is specifically designed for 1/10 scale electric R/C racing.
No matter which class of competition you race in, the FLETA will help you achieve better results.
Before you start, please read through this instruction manual carefully.
It contains important safety information as well as setup tips from Much-More Racing website.
• 2 color LEDs for quick status display.
• Variable drive and brake frequency tuning for expert racing.
• Advanced boost and turbo timing with rpm and throttle control.
• Support for “Blinky” (Zero-Timing) spec racing mode.
• Fully configurable throttle and brake response.
• User adjustable low voltage and over temperature protection.
• FLOW-MAX™ design cool aluminum housing with 30mm high rpm cooling fan.
• Programmable by SHR program card & PC Interface.
• User upgradable firmware.